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Dances of Vice: 1920s/30s Cabaret Night (Anita Berber tribute)
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A forum for enthusiasts of the early 20th Century to relate events of interest in NY &c.
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Hello! This is a forum for enthusiasts of the early 20th Century (1900-1940s) to relate events of interest in NY, which may include such topics as film showings, art exhibitions, music and cabaret performances, antique flea markets, and so on, so long as all topics somehow relate to the period specified. This is a location-specific community, so please introduce yourself, and feel free to share tips on your favorite antique shops, vintage styled restaurants, and so on! Also, please try to use tags for all posts.

Related show and event promotion is encouraged, but burlesque show promotion is permitted only if the show itself carries a distinctly pre-1950s theme.


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